What are people saying about the JJAG WING Snowplow?

"JJAG Wing cut my time in half. It's been a time and money-saving piece of equipment. I'm able to plow more of the shoulder of the road safer. Even shelving the banks when I need to."

Leon Cook, Highway Superintendent
Town of LaFayette

"JJAG Wing has more than met our needs. We're able to plow more snow quicker and easier. We are already seeing the savings."

Jim Craw, Superintendent, Public Works
Village of Fayetteville

"We were so impressed by its performance on our first truck that we purchased another JJAG Wing for our second truck!"

Jack Still, Superintendent of Highways
Town of Poughkeepsie

"If we believe a piece of equipment is going to help us perform better, we want to be the first to try it. JJAG Wing has done that for us."

Robert K. Livermore, Superintendent of Highways
Town of Cincinnatus

"I downsized from a 750 series truck to a 550 series truck. JJAG Wing has given me more plowing capacity with a smaller, more efficient truck."

Michael J. Kolczynski, Superintendent of Highways
Town of Savannah

"It's just what we've been looking for to plow our secondary roads and cul de sacs. The JJAG Wing has made our 3500 series truck a real force in snow removal."

Edward Parks, Highway Superintendent
Town of VanBuren

Why Choose JJAG Wing?

Move more snow in less time. The improved efficiency of having a JJAG Wing snowplow reduces your time and fuel costs.

How Does it Work?

The JJAG Wing sits close to your truck body raises, lowers and extends increasing your snow clearing capacity by more than 4.5 feet.

Become a JJAG WING Dealer!

Get the JJAG Wing unique sales advantage. We are seeking quality distributors to join our network of serious snow removal experts.