The Art…and Mechanics…
of Snow Removal

JJAG Wing is arced to first roll, then throw snow over banks as it leaves the blade's edge. This means snow banks don't build up as quickly—and that equals increased safety and efficiency.

Spec Chart

Tucks Tight, Sits High

Fully Independent from your front plow, JJAG Wing has its own hydraulic system which raises, lowers, extends and retracts its side mounted blade. In the stored position JJAG Wing sits 12" off the road surface and hugs the side of your vehicle presenting a profile that's less than 11" and that doesn't extend beyond your truck's rear bumper.

Shelves Banks

JJAG Wing is also the only plow of its kind that allows shelving of banks. Fully extended, in the raised position, JJAG Wing can cut a shelf as deep as 4'6" and as high as 18".

Full Trip System Protection

JJAG Wing features a full trip blade system which allows it to trip forward over solid obstructions. JJAG Wing also features hydraulic cushion valves that allow the blade to safely collapse toward the vehicle when making contact with a solid obstruction that is greater than the trip height of the blade.

Removes In Seconds

Even when mounted the JJAG Wing allows for complete access to your dump box and trailer hitch. But should you need to remove JJAG Wing; our custom mounting system ensures that disconnecting JJAG Wing is as effortless as plowing with it. Simply remove the two mounting pins using one to secure the lift arm, release the attachment hitch, disconnect your hydraulic hoses and you're done.

Why Choose JJAG Wing?

Move more snow in less time. The improved efficiency of having a JJAG Wing snowplow reduces your time and fuel costs.

How Does it Work?

The JJAG Wing sits close to your truck body raises, lowers and extends increasing your snow clearing capacity by more than 4.5 feet.

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