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JJAG WING Snowplows produces the industry's most innovative snowplow available. Contact or visit your nearest JJAG Wing Snowplow dealer to get in on the action!

  • MDI Truck 50 Chase St Ext.
    Auburn, NY 13021
    Tel: 315-253-5157
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  • Powell Sales & Service 740 Justus Blvd
    Scott Township, PA 18411
    Tel: 570-587-2743
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  • Watson Diesel 2910 Route 414
    Canton, PA 17724
    Tel: (570) 673-5055
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  • Maine Equipment 2011 Hammond St.
    Hermon, ME 04401
    Tel: 207-848-5738
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  • PalFleet Truck Equipment 2770 Bluff Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46225
    Tel: 317-787-0718
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  • Casper’s Truck Equipment 700 Randolph Drive
    Appleton, WI 54913
    Tel: 920-687-1111
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  • Waynes Welding 66 Calder Ave
    Yorkville, NY 13495
    Tel: 315-768-6146
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Why Choose JJAG Wing?

Move more snow in less time. The improved efficiency of having a JJAG Wing snowplow reduces your time and fuel costs.

How Does it Work?

The JJAG Wing sits close to your truck body raises, lowers and extends increasing your snow clearing capacity by more than 4.5 feet.

Become a JJAG WING Dealer!

Get the JJAG Wing unique sales advantage. We are seeking quality distributors to join our network of serious snow removal experts.