About JJAG WING Snowplows

JJAG WING Snowplows produces the industry's most innovative snowplow available.

JJAG Wing; pronounced JAG Wing is a family owned company. It gets its name from the initials of the family's children. The JJAG Wing was designed and tested in the harsh winters of Central New York and its features were patented in 2005.

Manufacturing started and the JJAG Wing was marketed in 2006 to local municipalities and contractors in need of efficiently plowing more snow . With JJAG Wing proving itself to save time and money, it quickly found growth in the snow removal business.

In 2010 JJAG Wing expanded its wing production to meet the needs of customers adding multiple wing plows to their fleet.

In 2012 JJAG Wing's hydraulic system was redesigned for easier installation. We also widened our distribution network to make the JJAG Wing available all across the USA.

JJAG Wing Plows manufactured in Auburn, NY is dedicated to customer satisfaction. One call to the phone number listed connects you to knowledgeable customer support for your JJAG Wing.

Why Choose JJAG Wing?

Move more snow in less time. The improved efficiency of having a JJAG Wing snowplow reduces your time and fuel costs.

How Does it Work?

The JJAG Wing sits close to your truck body raises, lowers and extends increasing your snow clearing capacity by more than 4.5 feet.

Become a JJAG WING Dealer!

Get the JJAG Wing unique sales advantage. We are seeking quality distributors to join our network of serious snow removal experts.